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Bond Street Mortgage

Mortgage Rates Newsletter - Market Analysis

Mortgage Rate Resilience Continues
Mortgage rates held their ground yet again , and are finally starting to look resilient after a relatively sharp move higher over the past 2 weeks. This was true even before mid-day headlines put additional downward pressure on rates. The headlines in question quoted North Korean officials saying that the US had "declared war" and that North Korea had the right to shoot down US warplanes even outside North Korean airspace. When news headlines include the words "US, declares, and war" financial markets tend to respond, even if much of that response is driven by headline-reading trading algorithms. To quote myself from Friday: "in general, these sorts of headlines lead investors to shed risk--something that frequently takes the form of selling stocks and buying bonds. When investors buy bonds
Rates Show Resilience But Not Without Help
Mortgage rates held their ground yesterday. That was a refreshing development given the abrupt move higher over the past 2 weeks and a relatively threatening reaction to Wednesday's Federal Reserve events. Now again today, rates have managed to hold their ground. In some cases, lenders improved by token amounts. If yesterday was refreshing, today would be doubly so. But the refreshment comes with caveats . We don't really know what the natural direction would have been for rates today because underlying markets were clearly affected by overnight headlines regarding North Korea potentially testing an ICBM with a Hydrogen warhead in the Pacific Ocean. In general, these sorts of headlines lead investors to shed risk--something that frequently takes the form of selling stocks and buying bonds.
Mortgage Rates Find Some Support
Mortgage rates have been higher almost exclusively for the past 2 weeks. Yesterday was no exception as the Federal Reserve released a rate hike forecast that was slightly more optimistic than markets were expecting. By yesterday afternoon, the average 30yr fixed mortgage rate was at its highest levels in over a month. The Fed news justified a defensive stance among prospective mortgage borrowers. When rates move initially higher following a Fed announcement, it's all too common to see that momentum continue in the following day. In today's case, we've actually seen a bit of support. Underlying bond markets were in slightly better shape vs yesterday for most of the day, thus allowing lenders to either keep mortgage rates unchanged or to bring them marginally lower. 4.0% remains the most prevalently
Mortgage Rates Highest in More Than a Month After Fed
Mortgage rates rose today following the announcement and--more importantly--the Fed's updated economic projections . The Fed holds 8 meetings a year. They release an official policy announcement after all of those. Four of the meetings are "special" and are followed not only by a policy announcement, but also by updated economic projections from Fed members. These projections include an important "dot plot" of the Fed's rate hike expectations. The so-called dots have been more important than the actual announcement on some occasions. While most of today's press coverage will focus on the fact that the Fed finally enacted its plan to shrink its balance sheet. That was widely expected, however. Investors weren't sure how the past few months of economic data and events would affect the rate hike
Rates Steady Near Recent Highs Ahead of Fed
Mortgage rates remained unchanged today, on average. This keeps them in line with their highest levels in more than a month, though admittedly, there hasn't been much upward movement since the sharpest leg of the spike ended last Wednesday. Conventional 30yr fixed rates in the "high 3's" remain available for top tier scenarios, but 4.0% is slightly more prevalent now. While there were several economic reports and seemingly important news stories today (both tend to have an effect on rates), bond markets marched to their own beat. Traders were generally getting in position for tomorrow's Fed Announcement. Two weeks ago, the order of the day had been to push rates lower heading into Hurricane Irma weekend. There's been a correction in play since then. From the long-term lows in early September

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